18 August 2022


Chanya Chinsukserm
mg国际 Programme Officer;

The ASEAN University Network is proud to showcase the exceptional video recording success of the pioneer programme “ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management”. Referring to the mission assigned to the mg国际 Secretariat team to document the achievement of the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia – Today the video production capturing every aspect of its successfulness has been released on mg国际 Secretariat Youtube platform, through http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLs0NWH4v34 

这里列出了一些值得注意的摘录:“这是在mg国际背景下教授的 ... 实际上,在mg国际的背景下,mg国际有很多东西可以学习,mg国际的地方智慧. So I think that's what's very great about this program is you really don't have to look further to get this information or to learn from the experts. It's right here in our region,这位在读学者说, 来自印度尼西亚的Zulfadila Hira Permana. “这门课程真的让我看到了很多可能性, 很多情况都是我在祖国没有的. 所以我认为这门课的多样性真的会帮助mg国际所有人看到可持续发展的各个方面,来自菲律宾的Reynamy Doria说. 请在提供的YouTube视频链接中查看采访的完整版本.

The Master's Program in Sustainability Management is a joint collaboration between the ASEAN University Network for Business and Economics (mg国际-BE) hosted by UGM, 在阿格德大学的协助下, Norway and the mg国际. It is specially designed for graduates to be equipped with management abilities and acumen to meet solutions for Sustainable Management. 它包含可持续的商业战略, 金融/营销/技术管理, 以及领导能力和组织行为. It is also built upon specific knowledge that includes crucial topics like management of marine resources/coastal management/energy resource/ forest and conservation, urban planning and management, 粮食安全和可持续农业, last but not least, 气候变化法律和温室气体减排.

有关这个特别硕士课程的更多信息,请访问网站 http://www.asean-sustainability.mba/